Let our dedicated team of service professionals maintain, repair and retrofit your transformers using the most advanced tools and cost-effective methods available.

In-house (up to 6300 kVA rating)

  • Transformer reverse engineering
  • Replacement of windings
  • Replacement of steel core
  • Tap changer maintenance
  • Modification and/or repair of the cooling system
  • Oil leak test
  • Seal replacement
  • Oil leak repair
  • Tests on transformer oil
  • Tests on transformer oil
  • Interpretation of dissolved gas analyses (DGA)
  • Drying of the core-and- soil assembly using special low frequency heating technology
  • Testing CT’s ratio and polarity
  • Routine, type and special electrical tests
  • Painting

On-Site (All ratings)

  • General maintenance
  • Collecting oil samples for BDV and DGA
  • Transformer inspection
  • Change or repair of transformer accessories
  • Supply of spares
  • Oil dehydration/ reconditioning
  • Seal replacement
  • Oil leak repairs
  • Modification and/or repair of the cooling system
  • Dielectric testing of the oil before filling in the transformer
  • Pressure test the unit to ensure the vacuum integrity of the transformer
  • Advanced dielectric tests (SFRA, Tan Delta and Power Factor)
  • Insulation resistance test
  • Transformer turn ratio and vector group test
  • Arbitrary phase angle measurement for special type transformers such as rectifier and phase shifting transformer
  • Impedance voltage test
  • CT ratio and polarity test
  • Winding resistance test

Tell us your requirements and we will find the right transformer to suit your needs.