Transformer Testing

Our testing system is your quality guarantee

Protect your peace of mind with our precise measuring instruments, qualified testing professionals and proprietary testing technology.

  • Fully equipped testing facility for all routine, type and special tests of oil type and dry type distribution transformers as per IEC/BS/ANSI
  • Routine test facility for package substation including transformer, MV switch- gear and LV panel
  • Fully automatic PLC base software operated testing laboratory without any human intervention in test result recording and analysis for acceptance
  • High range testing equipments including Haefely, Norma/Fluke, Tettex, Megger etc. for respective tests
  • Specially constructed low noise cabins for partial discharge and noise level measurement
  • Lightening impulse test facility up to 300 kVp

Tell us your requirements and we will find the right transformer to suit your needs.